Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chevron Lamp

I bought a pair of lamps with shades a few months ago.  I painted the bases and decided to keep them for myself.  I did a different shade on them and so I had two shades left over that were in a dated pattern.  I had made a lamp shade for a floor lamp a few months back and liked it.  I decided to try making a lamp shade for one of them and make it into a hanging lamp.  I had bought this great chevron print for another project and decided to use it.  I took off the old lamp shade and used it to make a pattern.  I then cut out the pieces and sewed them together.  I sewed around the top and the bottom by hand.  I also sewed a cord cover and then wired the lamp.  I have a gold chevron print I want to try for the other one since this one sold.  Hope you have a good week and a Happy 4th of July.
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