Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Magic of Christmas

I have enjoyed editing Santa pictures the last month.  Now that I have finished the main edits and they have been ordered,  I have been working on some special Santa projects and Christmas cards for family.  I want to share some of my favorites with you.  These are my nieces, Ragan, Addye and Summer with the big guy.  

 This is the original image I started with.  It is by Live, Laugh, Love Photography.

This is the finished photo ready to be printed on a canvas.  I can't wait to see the final product.  Be sure and check out my Etsy shop.  I hope you are looking forward to the holidays and spending time with those you love most.  Have a good week.  Thanks for stopping by.  

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

French Typography Desk

Happy Thanksgiving!  October and November have been very busy for me with lots of projects going on.  I wanted to post a few things I have been working on.   I found this little desk in the back corner of a thrift shop.  I immediately loved the lines on it.   First is a close-up of the decoupaged drawer fronts.

This is the full view.  It is an antiqued gray with a dark walnut top.

I stenciled a french graphic, courtesy of the Graphics Fairy.  

I am also doing Facebook Cover Photos for Personal or Business Pages.  This is my latest.  A working knowledge of Photoshop or some editing software is necessary for most covers you buy on Etsy, but I do the insertion of your photos at no extra charge.  Check out my shop Here.

I have also been editing the Santa pictures for Live, Laugh, Love Photography, what fun. Aren't they both beautiful?  Santa is amazing!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love most.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sizzix Tutorial

A couple of years ago I got a Sizzix Eclips for Christmas.  It has been one of the best gifts I have ever received.  When I decided I needed a cutter I researched the different types.  I knew I wanted one that I could download files to.  The Sizzix Eclips looked like it would be exactly what I needed.  I found one that was bundled with the software I needed, Sure Cuts A lot.  It enabled me to import my own images from the internet and also gave me access to all of the fonts I have in my computer.  I use it all the time and have loved it.  Below is a little tutorial for those starting out.

One of the things I do most with my Eclips is making stencils.  First I design the sign in my computer on my Sure Cuts A lot.

This is what it looked like after the file has been cut and the letters have been removed. Only the vinyl has been removed the backing is still intact.  You will need some kind of transfer medium.  You can buy transfer tape from the supplier of your vinyl, but I just use clear contact paper.  I cut a piece about the size of my stencil and pull the backing off and place it on top of my stencil.  Then I take a scraper, but you can also use a credit card etc. and rub across the contact paper.  I then flip it over and slowly remove the backing.  You are then left with the contact paper with the stencil stuck to it.  

Center the stencil over your wood and then use your scraper to adhere it to the wood.  Go over it a few times and then slowly remove the contact paper.  Then make sure all the edges and secure so the paint won't seep under it.  

I then use a foam brush and dab the paint on, being careful not to push any paint under the stencil.  I usually let it dry between coats.

When the paint is dry, pull off the stencil.  I think wood is great to stencil on because if there is any seepage under the stencil I can just lightly sand it to give it a worn look.  

This is the finished lettering.  Here are a few other thing I have used my cutter on.

Thanks for checking them out!


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Mantle

Fall is in the air in West Tennessee.  We have had a very mild summer and it is shaping up to be a beautiful fall.  It is so nice to have a little chill in the air in the mornings and see pumpkins for sale at the farmer's market.  I have been working on a little decorating in my own home, starting with my mantle.

When we moved into our house a few years ago, we hung our TV over the mantle, but didn't want to go to the expense of having it wired since it was a working fireplace.  Having the TV there works best for the room, but the cords were so ugly.  I started trying to come up with decorations that hide the cords.  I change it with the seasons.

The left side has a silver tray painted with chalk paint.  The quote is from William Cullen Bryant. I added a few magnets I made with some scrapbook embellishments.  I used a brass candle stick with a small ceramic pumpkin and some dried hydrangeas.

I still used the copper piece from Spring for the backdrop on the right side.  I filled the hurricane globe with small pumpkins.  I love these little pumpkins.  The small bouquet came from Hobby Lobby.  
I plan on adding a banner or leaves to the twine string, but our leaves haven't changed enough yet.  

I am giving away a Poe - Halloween pillow this month on my Facebook page.  Just like my page at for a chance to win.  Thanks for checking it out.  I hope you are having a good fall in your little corner of the earth.


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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pewter Chevron Tables

About this time last year I had been thinking about opening up a furniture restoration/repurposing type business.  I already had a job, but just wanted to do it more as a hobby.  I went to Bella Rustica last August and it really inspired me to go for it.  Bella Rustica will be in Lebanon, TN this year and it is this weekend.  I am excited about it and have been looking forward to it for a long time.  If you live close enough be sure to check it out.  

Sometimes I get a piece of furniture and see a vision for it, but struggle with making it a reality.  That had certainly been the case with these tables.  I bought these tables last February and painted the bottom of them a beautiful pewter color.  I distressed them a little.  I liked the way the darker original finished showed through. I was happy with the lower half of them.

I had a gray and white chevron fabric that was perfect with the pewter color.  I loved the look. I tried many different methods to put the fabric on the tops, but in the end I was never happy with them.  A few months ago I saw there was a new tape that would make a chevron pattern.  I painted the tops white and then taped it off with the chevron tape and painted the tops.  Now they have a finish that will be a lot more durable than fabric.  This was my first time to use Shape Tape and I loved it.  I only used about half a roll on these two end table.  After I painted them, I waxed them and then sanded them a bit on the top and also used a little dark wax.  

I am so glad to have finished them.  One more project I can check off my list.  Thanks for checking them out.  Have a great weekend.


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Friday, August 16, 2013

August in Tennessee

I don't know about where you are at, but here in west Tennessee we have had the best weather for August I can remember.  It is usually too hot and humid to do much painting outside.  I am looking forward to getting a few projects finished up tomorrow.  I have neglected posting very many pictures this summer.  Here are a few things that have worked on.  The first is a gray Chifforobe.

Last May on our anniversary my husband and I went to dinner.  On the way,  we saw a little junk shop called Pappy's Trading Post that was still open.  We stopped and found a lot of wonderful pieces.  This chifforobe was out back under an overhang.  The back was gone and one of the front panels (probably a mirror) was missing.  We paid for it and picked it up later that week.  
I replaced the missing pieces and tightened a few things up.  I added a few touches and then set to work painting it.  One of my favorite things to do is to take a piece that a lot of people would throw out and give it new life.  Sometimes it is a lot of work, but it is worth it in the long run.  

I also worked on this sweet little coffee table.  I loved it when I first saw it's beautiful details.  My husband found it and brought it home for me one Saturday.  There were some stains on the top that couldn't be sanded out.  I just added a little paint and some wax and now it has a new life.  Hope you have a good weekend.  Thanks for visiting.
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chevron Lamp

I bought a pair of lamps with shades a few months ago.  I painted the bases and decided to keep them for myself.  I did a different shade on them and so I had two shades left over that were in a dated pattern.  I had made a lamp shade for a floor lamp a few months back and liked it.  I decided to try making a lamp shade for one of them and make it into a hanging lamp.  I had bought this great chevron print for another project and decided to use it.  I took off the old lamp shade and used it to make a pattern.  I then cut out the pieces and sewed them together.  I sewed around the top and the bottom by hand.  I also sewed a cord cover and then wired the lamp.  I have a gold chevron print I want to try for the other one since this one sold.  Hope you have a good week and a Happy 4th of July.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Numbered Chest of Drawers

I picked up this chest of drawers at an estate sale in March.  It was being stored in the attic.  I brought it home and cleaned it up.  I painted it with my favorite off white color, distressed it and waxed it.  

 I cut stencils out of vinyl with my Sizzix Eclips.  I positioned them on the drawers and then painted a few coats of dark brown paint.  After it was dry I pulled off the stencils and lightly sanded the numbers.  I then waxed it.  I thought it turned out to be a sweet little chest.

This is a wreath that is also for sale in my booth.  It is a foam wreath wrapped in burlap. 

All the eggs I had were too large, so my daughter made these out of Sculpey.  We painted them and them splattered them with brown painted.  I found the burlap flowers at Hobby Lobby.  I couldn't wait to use them.  The wreath hangs by a chain.  Hope you are having a good week.


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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aqua Buffet With Dark Top

I picked this piece up a few weeks ago.  I wasn't sure when I bought it if the top would be able to be refinished.  I first tried painting it, but the paint would scrap off when anything rubbed against it.  I decided to try and sand it down.  It ended up taking a lot more sanding than I bargained for, but after a couple coats of dark stain and some wax I felt like it was worth the effort.  

This is a shot of the inside.  It is all open storage except for a drawer.

This is a shot of the open drawer.  The top folds back from the center to give more room to serve food.  
This is a close-up of the lemonade box.  It includes 24 recycled bottles with freshly painted lids and paper straws.  The box was painted, stenciled with yellow paint and then outlined with a paint pen.  It would be perfect for a summer party!  Thanks for checking it out.


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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cake Stands and Peeps

March has been such a busy month around here.  I wasn't prepared for how busy Lavon's, the antique shop where I have my booth,  was going to be.  It seems so many things have been selling that I have had to scramble to keep things in the booth.  The last few Saturdays I have been out buying things or working on them.  It is rainy and messy in West Tennessee today  and I have been trying to get caught up with things around my house and doing some cleaning.  I love Saturdays at home.  My daughters and I bought the Peeps and jelly beans a few weeks ago and have been planning on making a cake. I wanted to take a picture of one of my cake stands with a cake on it. I had to buy another bag of jelly beans to replace the bag that someone had gotten in to, so I knew we needed to make it soon.  I have never been great at making cakes.  This was the perfect cake for me since it is covered in candy.  It was a lot of fun to make.  Thanks to my girls for all their help and thanks to you for checking it out.


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Friday, February 22, 2013

Table Revival

In January I came across this table with four chairs and 2 leaves.  I don't usually go out looking for projects that take up so much room and take such a long time to complete. It was a great deal and had such potential that I decided to go with it.  The top was in really bad shape.  I have to say that my husband was a real trooper on this one. The table was heavy and was hard to move.  I love the colors on this one. I think I will be using it on some things for my living room in the near future.  I wanted a spring green for the base.  I had a lot of green paint left over from another project, but it was too bright, so I toned it down with some white.  The top was painted with a creamy white that I use all the time. After it was all distressed and waxed I went back over it with a dark wax.  The table top has a couple of coats of poly on it since it will be used a lot.

The table was missing a cooper tip on the foot.  I was able to  find a piece of copper and shape another one.  I then aged it with a solution I had bought for another project.  

The  chairs were painted in the cream color with a small green detail in the center.  The fabric is a striped with a linen look to it.  It all went on sale Thursday at Lavon's in Henderson.  Thanks for checking it out.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Little Help From My Family

My family has always been a great encouragement to me in my artistic pursuits.  They are one of my greatest blessings.  My Father has brought me some of the best things in my shop to repurpose.  He has a great little shed behind his house that I love to go and look through.  On a trip about 6 months ago he picked up the base to this lamp and wanted to know if I wanted it.  Well, of course I did.  It wasn't much to look at then. I brought it home and decided to play around with it.  It has a mercury glass look to it, but some of the clear glass shows through.  Unfortunately I didn't take a before picture.  This was the best picture I had of it in the shop and since it sold last month it will have to do.  I enjoyed working on it and was sad to see it go, but very happy it found a home. 

Another great piece he brought me was this little writing desk someone had discarded.  I enjoyed working on it so much.  It is now at my booth at Lavon's.  

The top was in good enough shape to be stained a little darker and waxed.  I painted the base, waxed and distressed it a little.

I decided to do something a little different on this one and had this great paper with handwriting on it.  I decoupaged it to the drawer fronts.  Thankfully the original hardware was still with the desk and I was able to reuse it.  The whole desk was sealed with a coat of wax.  Looking forward to finding it a good home in the future.  Thanks Dad!  Hope you have a good day.  Thanks for checking it out.  

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentines Goodies

Here are few things I have been working on this month for the upcoming holiday.

The first photo is from my mantle.  Our house was about 12 years old when we bought  it, so it wasn't equipped for a TV above the mantle.   With the help of my Dad we got it up on the wall, but then there were all these cords that I have been trying to figure out how to hide.  Christmas is great because with all the decorations you can't see them at all.  When I took the garland down this year I decided that I would try to find some way to hide the cords.  I had a couple of canvases in my stash.  I painted them the color of the wall and then cut out a bird and heart with my Sizzix.  I used Modge Podge to attach it and then added a touch of glitter.  They are big enough to hide the cords from the side and because they are the wall color they blend nicely.

This is another canvas I made for the shop.  It is a little smaller and I cut a stencil out this time and painted it.  I would recommend the stencil instead of the cut out.

This is another sign. I used a stencil I cut out with my Sizzix Eclips.

I love Starbuck's Frappacinos.  They have such great bottles for projects.  I thought they would be perfect for pink lemonade or even toppings for an ice cream bar.  I found this CD storage box and took out the inserts.  I painted it and then added the letters.  It has a couple of coats of Modge Podge.  The lids were spray painted and then hearts were painted on them with a paint pen.  The have a touch of glitter and then a coat of  Modge Podge.  Now they are ready to party.  Have a great weekend!  Cindy

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake!

I hope you had a great weekend.  It has been very rainy here in West Tennessee.  I was able to paint between showers on Saturday.  This week I will be posting some of the things I have been working on.  Today I want to show you one of the cake stands I have ready.  I found this really great base a few weeks ago and decided it would make a great cake stand.  It was hard to get a good photo, but hopefully you get the idea.  

I attached a large wooden plate to it and then painted it.  I used a stencil I made on my Sizzix to say "Let Them Eat Cake."  I then distressed and sealed it.  

Unfortunately, I am not much of a baker.  You will have to imagine what it will look like with a yummy cake on it.  

I have another stand ready to add the lettering.  I have been trying to think of cake related sayings.  I think it is making me hungry.  Thanks for checking it out!


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