Friday, February 22, 2013

Table Revival

In January I came across this table with four chairs and 2 leaves.  I don't usually go out looking for projects that take up so much room and take such a long time to complete. It was a great deal and had such potential that I decided to go with it.  The top was in really bad shape.  I have to say that my husband was a real trooper on this one. The table was heavy and was hard to move.  I love the colors on this one. I think I will be using it on some things for my living room in the near future.  I wanted a spring green for the base.  I had a lot of green paint left over from another project, but it was too bright, so I toned it down with some white.  The top was painted with a creamy white that I use all the time. After it was all distressed and waxed I went back over it with a dark wax.  The table top has a couple of coats of poly on it since it will be used a lot.

The table was missing a cooper tip on the foot.  I was able to  find a piece of copper and shape another one.  I then aged it with a solution I had bought for another project.  

The  chairs were painted in the cream color with a small green detail in the center.  The fabric is a striped with a linen look to it.  It all went on sale Thursday at Lavon's in Henderson.  Thanks for checking it out.
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