Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pewter Chevron Tables

About this time last year I had been thinking about opening up a furniture restoration/repurposing type business.  I already had a job, but just wanted to do it more as a hobby.  I went to Bella Rustica last August and it really inspired me to go for it.  Bella Rustica will be in Lebanon, TN this year and it is this weekend.  I am excited about it and have been looking forward to it for a long time.  If you live close enough be sure to check it out.  

Sometimes I get a piece of furniture and see a vision for it, but struggle with making it a reality.  That had certainly been the case with these tables.  I bought these tables last February and painted the bottom of them a beautiful pewter color.  I distressed them a little.  I liked the way the darker original finished showed through. I was happy with the lower half of them.

I had a gray and white chevron fabric that was perfect with the pewter color.  I loved the look. I tried many different methods to put the fabric on the tops, but in the end I was never happy with them.  A few months ago I saw there was a new tape that would make a chevron pattern.  I painted the tops white and then taped it off with the chevron tape and painted the tops.  Now they have a finish that will be a lot more durable than fabric.  This was my first time to use Shape Tape and I loved it.  I only used about half a roll on these two end table.  After I painted them, I waxed them and then sanded them a bit on the top and also used a little dark wax.  

I am so glad to have finished them.  One more project I can check off my list.  Thanks for checking them out.  Have a great weekend.


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