Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sizzix Tutorial

A couple of years ago I got a Sizzix Eclips for Christmas.  It has been one of the best gifts I have ever received.  When I decided I needed a cutter I researched the different types.  I knew I wanted one that I could download files to.  The Sizzix Eclips looked like it would be exactly what I needed.  I found one that was bundled with the software I needed, Sure Cuts A lot.  It enabled me to import my own images from the internet and also gave me access to all of the fonts I have in my computer.  I use it all the time and have loved it.  Below is a little tutorial for those starting out.

One of the things I do most with my Eclips is making stencils.  First I design the sign in my computer on my Sure Cuts A lot.

This is what it looked like after the file has been cut and the letters have been removed. Only the vinyl has been removed the backing is still intact.  You will need some kind of transfer medium.  You can buy transfer tape from the supplier of your vinyl, but I just use clear contact paper.  I cut a piece about the size of my stencil and pull the backing off and place it on top of my stencil.  Then I take a scraper, but you can also use a credit card etc. and rub across the contact paper.  I then flip it over and slowly remove the backing.  You are then left with the contact paper with the stencil stuck to it.  

Center the stencil over your wood and then use your scraper to adhere it to the wood.  Go over it a few times and then slowly remove the contact paper.  Then make sure all the edges and secure so the paint won't seep under it.  

I then use a foam brush and dab the paint on, being careful not to push any paint under the stencil.  I usually let it dry between coats.

When the paint is dry, pull off the stencil.  I think wood is great to stencil on because if there is any seepage under the stencil I can just lightly sand it to give it a worn look.  

This is the finished lettering.  Here are a few other thing I have used my cutter on.

Thanks for checking them out!


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